There are countless plastic and Styrofoam products that end up in land fill that didn’t have to end up there. What it means is everyone doing their bit, yes that means you and me! Where possible use a reusable cup for your coffee in the morning and

If you visit a café or take away Shop you frequent and they use plastic and Styrofoam, take your own container or better still ask them to make the switch to biodegradable packaging, it’s better for the environment! Every product these days can be made from renewable resources such as bagasse pulp, corn starch, dextrose (sugar) and cellulose.

In an age where out sugar industry are complaining that as a population we are consuming less sugar, more effort should be to make biodegradable products with the sugar. The more of these products that are produced the cheaper they will become and more likely to push out the use of plastic and their Styrofoam counter parts.

Buy producing and purchasing more biodegradable products we can significantly reduce landfill.

Purchasing and producing plastics contributes to global warming and other environmental issues such as the Littering of our oceans with plastic. This has a devastating effect of killing off marine life to near extinction. If you look hard enough you will find Eco Friendly versions of every plastic or Styrofoam packaging that is out there

In some cases you may need to shop around to get everything that you need, however the simple fact is the higher the demand for these products the more readily available they will become. Using biodegradable packaging can give your company a great boost as it shows that you not only care about the environment around them but that you are willing to invest in a better future for not just your company but for those around you.

Long term sustainability policies are a staples for every successful business these days. You’ll not only lower your CO2 emissions by purchasing biodegradable products no matter if you’re an individual or a company, you’ll also help reduce the amount of oil used for plastic products.

Everyone can contribute to a plastic free future, it’s easy to make the switch once you know where to look. Want to get started? Click here   and check out the sustainable packaging solutions

We would love to hear from you, on what have you switched to lately that’s keeping your carbon foot print down. Related posts Sustainable Food Packaging For Our Future