PET Clear Cups

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
98mm PET Dome Lid for 14/16/20/24oz  (1000pc/ctn)
20oz/600ml PET Clear Cup (1000pcs/ctn) - PET Clear Cups
24oz/650ml Clear PET Cup  (98mm size) (1000pcs/ctn)
Clear PET Cups 6oz (1000pcs/carton) - PET Clear Cold Cups
12oz/340ml Clear PET Cups (84mm)1000pcs/carton
10oz/300ml Clear PET Cups (84mm)1000pcs/carton
Clear Pet Cups 16oz (98mm) 1000pcs/ctn - PET Clear Cups
Clear PET Cups 14oz (98mm)1000pcs/carton - PET Clear Cups
98mm PET Flat Lid (1000pcs/ctn)
98mm PET Flat Lid (1000pcs/ctn)
Sale price$45.00 + GST
84mm PET Flat Lid for 10/12oz cup  (1000pcs/ctn)
84mm PET Dome Lid for 10/12oz cup  (1000pcs/ctn)
Clear PET Cups 8oz (1000pcs/carton) - PET Clear Cups
8oz Clear PET Cups (1000pcs/carton)
Sale price$67.00 + GST

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